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200 Watts(A2350)

The Surgi-Center|PRO (A2350) is a 200 watt high power, operating room generator, by Bovie. The unit incorporates the power and safety of a premium OR generator at a significant savings to the medical facility. The system delivers 12 monopolar and bipolar RF energy modalities to provide a high level of surgical precision. Engineered with the safety of the patient in mind, the Bovie Surgi-Center|PRO includes technology such as BovieNEM™ return split pad contact quality monitoring, BovieFDFS™ tissue sensing technology, self-test circuits, as well as specialized modalities for laparoscopic and delicate procedures. The Bovie Surgi-Center|PRO is supported by Bovie’s unprecedented 4-year standard warranty.


This return electrode contact quality monitoring system is designed to minimize the risk of patient burns at the return electrode site. This feature works in conjunction with disposable split return electrodes.

Bovie FDFS™– The tissue sensing technology measure tissue 5 million times a second and adjusts to varying impedances 5000 times a second for accurate energy delivery.

Automatic system self-checks upon powering up the unit.


Bovie’s Cut II is tailored specifically for Laparoscopic procedures. The mode offers a precisely managed cutting energy that limits output thereby minimizing the potential risk of capacitive coupling and alternate site burns.


The SurgiCenter|PRO offers simultaneous activation in spray with audible activation tones. The simultaneous delivery produces equal and even power outputs in each accessory, for a safer delivery of dual monopolar energy.


The power can be adjusted up or down in variable steps while performing a procedure, to increase procedural efficiency and provide the appropriate amount of power to the surgical site.


The SurgiCenter|PRO recalls the last used power and mode. The surgeon can store 10 user-defined RF presets for easy recall.



  • Cut I A general cutting with a standard RF waveform used in open and Endoscopic surgical procedure. Cut I is for use in a wide range of tissue with minimal hemostasis.
  • Cut II Tailored specifically for Laparoscopic procedures, Cut II offers a precisely managed cutting energy that limits output, thereby minimizing the potential risk of capacitive coupling and alternate site burns due to weakened insulation.
  • Blend (Level 1, 2, 3 & 4) Blended cutting offers varying levels of hemostasis during a cut procedure providing increased control of bleeding at the surgical application site.
    Level 1: 75% Duty Cycle
    Level 2: 62.5% Duty Cycle
    Level 3: 50% Duty Cycle
    Level 4: 37.5% Duty Cycle


  • Pinpoint A general coagulation mode delivering rapid desiccation effects with minimal tissue damage.
  • Spray Recommended for hemostasis in highly vascular or large surface areas and for non-contact tissue coagulation to control superficial bleeding. Spray mode permits dual, simultaneous activation of two monopolar accessories with audible dual activation tone alert.
  • Gentle Gentle mode offers more concentrated coagulation than in other modes. When coagulation is necessary in short amounts of time, reduced electrode carbonization is provided.


  • Standard Bipolar coagulation which gently coagulates tissue for minimal tissue damage reducing carbonization and sticking. Maximum power is 50 watts.
  • Macro Intense bipolar output allowing for aggressive coagulation, with cut-like effects over a wide range of tissue.
  • Micro Fine bipolar coagulation for use in extremely gentle and precise surgical applications.
  • Bovie Bipolar Exclusive to the Bovie OR|PRO 300 and the IDS-310, Bovie Bipolar is a pulsing bipolar coagulation for quick and powerful coagulation of tissue. Pulsing performance can be tailored specifically to achieve the optimal surgical effect.

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