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RAVOR™ (Bipolar Snoring Electrodes)

RAVOR™ (Bipolar Snoring Electrodes)

RaVoR™ (Radiofrequency Volume Reduction) is an interstitial application for submucosal tissue shrinkage. Radiofrequency energy causes deliberate local lesions through brief and selective heating of certain tissue areas. The treated tissue is decomposed by the body's own immune system and turns into fibrous scar tissue. This process leads to shrinkage and hardening of the treated area. Sutter has developed different bipolar electrodes for the treatment of sleep-related respiratory disorders based on anatomical sites of obstruction.

RAVOR™ (Bipolar Snoring Electrodes)

RAVOR™ Videos

Images from processes using RAVOR™ (Bipolar Snoring Electrodes) products.

Ease of Use

  • Auto start, Auto end, time setting, Process finished alert.
  • 4 different programming options for different users or applications.
RAVOR™ (Bipolar Snoring Electrodes) Konka ve Yumuşak Damak Operasyonu

RAVOR™ (Snoring Probes)

  • They have a bipolar design.
  • Probes are RE-USABLE.
  • They have an ergonomic design.
  • Probes enter the steam autoclave at 135°.