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BM780-II Radiofrequency Device

The BM780-II Radiofrequency device is ideal for minor surgery in ENT clinics and physicians including RaVoR™ for plastic surgery and dermatology.

What is AutoRF™ Technology?

It measures the electricity (impedance) inside the tissue and adjusts the power output accordingly. As tissue death occurs in the area where the current is applied, the current applied to the patient automatically stops working in both monopolar and bipolar applications and warns the user audibly. The AutoRF function constantly monitors the condition of the tissue.

BM780-II Monopolar

Pure cutting and mixed cutting modes, Cut 1 and Cut 2, are available on the device. There are also contact coagulation and spray coagulation modes. This feature provides the surgeon with the feature of less pain and quicker recovery after surgery by using RF energy. Especially in the first 2 days after UPP, neck dissections and nevus removal operations, the pain is almost non-existent, and after that, the pain continues as in classical surgery.

BM780-II Features

  • Used in ENT, Plastic surgery, Neurosurgery operations.
  • The device operates as Bipolar in ENT Snoring operations.
  • The current given only stays in the tissue, it does not circulate the whole body.
  • There are both monopolar and bipolar RF modules on the device.
  • UPP with monopolar module is used in telangiectasia, nevus removal procedures.
  • To-Bite forceps can be added for tonsillectomy.
  • All the tips used enter the steam autoclave at 134°C. It is RE-USABLE.

What is RaVoR™?

Radiofrequency energy causes deliberate local lesions through brief and selective heating of certain tissue areas. The treated tissue is decomposed by the body's own immune system and turns into ugly scar tissue. This process leads to hardening of the treated area. Complete treatment usually takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes. It is done on an outpatient basis and is almost completely painless for the patient.

BM780-II Bipolar

Sutter BM780-II Radiofrequency Device Bipolar Mode

In bipolar coagulation mode, power output begins to decrease with tissue death. As can be seen in the graph on the side, as the death of the tissue determined in blue increases, the power graph determined in red decreases.

Product Catalogue

Sutter BM780-II Radiofrequency Device Ürün Kataloğu Yeni Versiyon
Sutter BM780-II Radiofrequency Device Ürün Kataloğu Yeni Versiyon