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SuperGliss® To-Bite Forceps (Silver Tip Non-Stick)

SuperGliss® To-Bite Forceps
(Silver Type Non-Stick)

To-BiTE™ is an ideal device for bipolar tonsillectomy and is non-adhesive. To-BiTE™ can be used for all blunt and cold dissection techniques; It has bipolar coagulation and absorption properties. Four functions are combined in a single device, enabling the surgeon to coagulate, grasp, cut and remove smoke or blood using just one instrument.

SuperGliss® To-Bite

Tonsillectomies can be performed very quickly with little, but precise and effective bipolar coagulation while most of the dissection is “cold” or “blunt”. The glossopharyngeal nerve can be identified and spared.

Using To-BiTE™

The To-BiTE™ non-stick bipolar clamp was developed to help surgeons perform tonsillectomies with bipolar forceps for both coagulation and dissection. As it is advantageous to combine blunt dissection and simultaneous bipolar coagulation of vessels when they become accessible during dissection, the method has become widely accepted and used. It is possible to apply very little coagulation and to use it only when necessary. This technique helps to reduce postoperative pain. As the vessels are sealed immediately during dissection, even before they retract into the muscle tissue, this technique makes the tonsillectomy procedure very clean because perioperative bleeding is almost eliminated. Once the tonsil is removed, the tonsillar bed does not need to be coagulated: By then all vessels have already been closed. The combination of pressure on vessel walls with bipolar coagulation results in a superbly safe seal, which can significantly reduce postoperative bleeding.

SuperGliss® To-Bite Non-Stick Forceps

  • Bipolar has scissor-shaped design.
  • It has aspiration feature.
  • It bonds the veins with low heat.
  • Easy to manipulate.
  • The amount of bleeding is usually 3-5cc.
  • With the help of the aspirator on it, it aspirates the bleeding and bad smell.
  • Absolutely NOT STICK.
  • High sensitivity.
  • All the tips used enter the steam autoclave at 134°C. It is RE-USABLE.

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